Locating Graves in Fairhaven Cemetery 

If you are trying to locate the grave of someone that might be buried at Fairhaven, you might want to check out the Find A Grave website.  There are a large number of graves that have been registered on this site.  On that site, you can search for grave memorials by first and/or last name.  If an individual memorial has a “Show Map” link in the Burial information, you can click on that link to get a Google Map marking the GPS location of that grave.

If unsuccessful using the Find A Grave website, we maintain a map showing all the purchased grave spaces.  This map shows who OWNS the grave space(s) and NOT the name of the individual(s) buried there.  The physical copy of this map is kept in the vault of the Norborne branch of the Goppert Financial Bank (660-593-3310).  You can call them and ask to speak with the cemetery representative to make arrangements for viewing.  For your convenience, we also have a digital version of this map that can be downloaded as a searchable PDF file.   

Tips for usage from a PC:

  1. Click the link below to download PDF file
  2. Zoom in to about 400% as it will make it easier to see highlighted search results
  3. Press Ctrl+F on your keyboard to bring up the search window and type in 'name' to be found
  4. Note: This map is current as of 5/1/2024.