Rules and Regulations

The Board of Directors of the Norborne Cemetery Association has no disposition to interfere with the preferences and tastes of individuals in the care and adornment of the lots belonging to individuals, but never-the-less believes it a duty to reserve the rights conferred upon the Board by its charter insuring the stability of improvements, the good appearance of the grounds and a respectful manner of burying the dead, as well as a proper observance of the sacredness of the ground dedicated as a final resting place of the dead. Persons desiring to purchase lots in the Norborne Cemetery are referred to the President, Vice- President, Secretary or Treasurer of the Association. Only these persons have authority to contract for the sale of lots. Lot holders shall not allow interments to be made upon their lots for compensation; nor shall any transfer or assignment of any lot or interment therein be valid without the consent of the Association endorsed upon such transfer or assignment and entered of record on the books of the Cemetery Association. No trees, shrubs, fences, decorative gravel or enclosures of any kind will be permitted on or around any lot or grave. Chairs, settees, boxes, or wooden trellis shall not be permitted.  No large vases or urns shall be allowed other than such as are of stone, marble, cement or durable metal. Receptacles for flowers must be of metal or stone and must be sunk below the surface of the ground and must be of such character as not to interfere with the mower nor appear unsightly and be level with the surface of the lot when not filled. Mounds over graves shall not exceed three (3) inches in height when thoroughly settled, and all lots will be maintained on the present ground elevation.

Monuments and Markers

No monument, marker or other structure shall be placed upon any lot until a design of the same, with specification, has been submitted to and approved by the Association and the location thereof on the lot has been approved. All excavation and foundation work, of whatever nature, shall be done by the Superintendent or under his supervision.  All foundations of monuments shall extend to the level of the bottom of the vault or to the frostline, whichever is deeper. All stones marking individual graves must be made of granite and shall not be less than six inches thick and have the upper surface set so as not to interfere with lawn mowers.  All types of above ground or ground level mausoleums, grave ledgers, or granite cover plates will not be allowed. No work, of any description, can be done or placed upon a lot unless a written order from the lot owner or his representative is presented and a permit has been obtained from the Association.  This rule applies to the cutting of inscriptions, cleaning of stones, setting of monuments and also the removal of anything from a lot.

Funerals and Interments

No grave will be opened until a permit is obtained from some officer of the Association. No wooden casket box will be permitted. One interment, only, shall be made in each grave, except when all interment remains have been cremated.  Only two cremated remains will be permitted in each grave space. To make its records complete the Association will require a record of the following particulars:

  • Name of the deceased
  • Date of birth
  • Date of decease
  • Last residence
  • Cause of death

When a lot is held jointly a permit for interment may be granted to either owner (or their heirs).  Any joint owner of a lot has the right to give permission, by written order, for the burial of the remains of other than the immediate family, but not for remuneration. An interment, once properly made, cannot be disturbed except upon written permission from the owner of the lot or their heirs and by the consent of the Association.


Persons accompanied by pets, except Seeing Eye dogs or carrying firearms will not be permitted in the Cemetery.  An exception for firearms will be made for military graveside services. All persons are prohibited from gathering flowers, either wild or cultivated, and from breaking any tree, shrub, or plant or writing upon, defacing or injuring any monument, fence or other structure in or belonging to the Cemetery.  A heavy penalty is provided for such offenses, as follows: 

Section 214.131 R.S. Mo.,


 “Every person who shall knowingly destroy, mutilate, disfigure, deface, injure or remove any tomb, monument or gravestone, or other structure placed in any abandoned family cemetery or private burying ground, or any lot within such cemetery is guilty of a class A misdemeanor.”

From this date these Rules apply to the original grounds and to all additions thereto.  Effective May 30, 1941,  Revised September 19, 2002, September 3, 2009